VIS - The Watcher

Before the beginning of time was Vis, the Watcher with no eyes, the hearer with no ears, the taster with no tongue, the smeller with no nose, and the former with no touch.

Vis was but a vacant force in the yet to be formed universe. It was the act of seeing by the Watcher that moved the particles together which caused an explosion, bringing to existence the spark of life.

The explosion took the shape of a womb and from it was born two dragons. Celeste the Black, and clutching to its heal, Brim the White. There was not yet anything of substance in the universe, just Light Matter and Dark Matter. The two dragons hated each other but were also jointly connected by spirit, and so they fought for dominance.

Celeste the Black, drawn to Matter, took control of it and it became the building blocks of all that was in the universe.

But Brim was not to be outdone and made it so that nothing created from Matter could ever survive without the light.

Thus stars and planets were formed. Galaxies and Solar Systems. But Celeste and Brim fought on.

Celeste was the first to create the Shellis, Angelic creatures of beauty and power, but because they were created from the Dark Matter, they too sought dominance.

Brim not to be outdone by his sister, created the Vinelel, also Angelic creatures in power, but their beauty dimmed in comparison to the Shellis.

Once again, Brim and his children were the lesser of the universe, and they were envious of Celeste and Shellis. A great war in the universe ensued and Brim and his angels were defeated and sentenced to Dimar, and existence outside of existence.

Celeste created lower Shellis, called Vanacans, who governed Galaxies. They each had the power to do what they wished with their prospective galaxy. Gala, a Vanacan, formed the stars of her galaxy to look like they had been poured out of a container. And in it, she formed numerous Solar Systems.

In one of her Solar Systems, she created a dozen planets, rotating around a star. On the third planet from the star, she noticed because of its shape, distance from the star, and make up, it was more beautiful than the other planets in her Galaxy. From it, she created Elo, a great dragon to govern the planet, to populate it, and to make it the most beautiful planet in her galaxy.

Elo, a great black dragon, created the world to be a beautiful garden with rivers, oceans, lakes, forests, mountains. Then Elo filled the world with life. All manner of creatures. But then something happened that surprised Elo, and he told Gala, who told Celeste, and they were amazed. Vis, the Watcher, still watched in the act of watching, the power of the universe fused into the life that was created, and it adapted and changed to fit its environment. Elo was so interested in this, that he changed their environments, and moved them to different environments, and each time they changed and adapted, creating new life forms that Elo had not envisioned.

Taking two of the life forms, he placed them in a special garden. He commanded them not to leave the garden. And Elo left them to travel the world, watching the rest of his creation as it changed and adapted. Because the two life forms were at peace in the never-changing garden, they did not change, because they did not have offspring.

Occasionally, Elo would check on them, and he found that they grew in knowledge, naming things that had been created. Millions of cycles around the star took place and Elo found that he could not govern the entire world, so he created Sprites to govern over various districts of the world. Except he kept firm command of the garden and would not let his creation experience the changes happening outside of it.

And so that is the way life continued in the world.

However, Brim the White, who had been sentenced to an existence outside of existence, found a way to travel through the barrier. He could send his Vinelel as spirits to possess living things. He found it out by accident because life was connected to Vis and it was through Vis that Brim was able to influence the Universe.

And it was so, that Brim sent his Vinelel named Luitan to take the form of a dragon. Luitan traveled the world of Elo, uninhibited for none new that he was a Vinelel of Brim. Finally, he found that garden and the two creatures favored by Elo. It was then that he learned something that no one else knew, not even Celeste. The two creatures had developed language because they had somehow come to possess the spirit of Vis. They could see, like Vis, hear like Vis, smell like Vis, taste like Vis, touch like Vis, but even more importantly, they had the power of reason of Celeste, the first children of Vis. When you put those together, you had a human.

But the knowledge that Luitan gained, was that it would be through the human’s connection to Vis and Celeste that Brim and all his Vinelel could return to existence. They could do it through possessing them, and once the Vinelel’s spirits had fully grown inside the humans, it would escape the shell back into existence in the Universe.

Now, Elo had commanded his precious children to not have offspring, he made it so that they didn’t even know they weren’t clothed and they were not attracted to each other. But in order to get all the Vinelel back, Brim needed millions of these humans and so he needed them to procreate.

He sent Luitan back to the world, once again in the form of the dragon and he commanded Luitan to open their eyes to the nakedness and show them other animals procreating so that they too would have offspring.

Luitan returned and found the female first, she was walking unattended in the garden and he spoke to her. She was intrigued by his wisdom and wit. Luitan took her to a high place and showed her all the animals in the garden. He showed them with their offspring. He asked her if she felt something was missing from her life. She said there was. He convinced her it was a child.

She found the male and showed him all the Luitan had shown her. At first, he was unconvinced saying that Elo would have told them about this thing that would fulfill them. So Luitan returned and said that Elo wanted them to remain his servants, a lesser than him, which was partly true. He said that Elo was gone for many years at a time and that the humans would have to hide their offspring from Elo.

Convinced, the male and female had sexual relations and found it enjoyable. They conceived and had a child. There was not yet any pain in childbirth. The child grew and the humans had more children. Until one day they heard Elo walking in the garden. They hid all their children and waited for Elo, holding each other’s hands.

When Elo found them, he asked why they were holding hands and they answered it was pleasurable. He asked if there were other things they did that were pleasurable. And they said yes.

Then he saw their children. Some were as old a twenty years old. Why have you done this? He asked. Unaware that they had actually done anything wrong, they confessed everything. Elo found Luitan and held the serpent until Gala and then Celeste arrived and they found out that Luitan was a Vinelel. They were finally able to put all the pieces together and they figured out what Brim was planning.

Celeste ordered that Gala destroy all life in the world. It would be the only way to prevent Brim from returning. But Gala said it was only the humans that needed to be destroyed. But Elo petitioned on their behalf, they were beautiful and had parts of them all. He said let them live for as long as they can before the Vinelel can fully possess their bodies. It is their immortality that is the problem.

And so Elo cursed them with a short life, around 100 rotations around the star.

The other issue was the Vinelel needed millions of humans to possess and so Elo cursed the humans with painful childbirth so that the females would not want to have offspring.

And life had been too easy for them in the garden, a never-changing environment. So Elo exiled them from the garden and they were sent to live in the wilds of the world to fend for themselves, to hunt and be hunted. That way some would die.

And so the humans and all the children were sent to parts of the world, all under the dominion of different Sprites. Where they lived for many, many, many years, where they adapted and changed and grew to fit the various environments.

They thrived and populated the world.

But Brim still would send Vinelel to possess each human that was born, as he found them, and so all humans possess both good and evil in their hearts until the day they die and the Vinelel spirit flees from their bodies. But the good in them goes back into creation and Vis.

For the most part, the plan worked and very few Vinelel managed to return to existence. But some did.

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