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New Releases

Heroes of Afflatus
Book 1 The Circle of Trust

Jared Swagger is in love with Avery Noble, but after another girl kisses him, Avery heads to Afflatus without him, and she disappears. Heartbroken, Jared must also travel to Afflatus to find her. However, this becomes increasingly difficult because the Dwarves are fighting a Civil War and the Molpens, a Mole-Like people, are trying to annihilate them. Only Avery and her Truth Wizard Magic can save the Dwarves, but Jared has to find her first.

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A humorous  Look at Life as a Teacher!

Written and Illustrated

by Mr. E

My Story: Life, the Adventure

C.R. Endacott was born in the city of Langley BC, Canada in 1976. He has been writing books since the tenth grade, when he finished a 150 page fantasy novel that started as a 10 page assignment for his English teacher.

In 2001, Endacott married his wife Sharon and they have three children together.

In 2006, Endacott graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, and a Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Education. And, in 2013 he graduated with a Masters of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership.

As a teacher for more years then he cares to count, Mr. E has many stories and anecdotes that are humorous and downright ridiculous. You will find situations in all his books that will leave you with a chuckle or flat out belly laugh.

From 2009-2012 Mr. E worked in Indonesia, with his wife and children, but when his daughter, at the age of 2, contracted viral encephalitis, they quickly returned to Canada for medical care and rehab for her.

She still suffers from seizures and severe brain damage. The result of this family tragedy has left C.R. Endacott deeply cynical with dark humor. As well as an ever present need to find the truth about life.

He has 3 young adult novels available from Amazon and his web store (see below). 

Endacott's two most recent works, What the F-Bomb: A Cynical Look at Life as a Teacher and Heroes of Afflatus: Book 1 The Circle of Trust were released in August 2020.

In addition, the first Afflatus series, called Adventures of Avery Nobel, are available in ebook and paperback.

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Excerpt Taken from The Circle of Trust

           The first place Jared looked was up into the stands to see if he could find Avery Noble, his girlfriend. They had been dating for some time now. His eyes found her almost immediately. He always wondered why, but he could pick her out of a crowd in seconds.

            She was smiling really big and clapping her hands.

            Suddenly another hand touched his shoulder. Turning around he expected to see Garon or another player, but instead, Holly Fitts stood up on her tip-toes and kissed him directly on the lips.

            “What the heck?” he pushed her aside. “Why did you do that?”

            Holly flicked her blond hair. “Why not,” she said flirtatiously. “You and I would be good together. You should ditch the baggage.”

            “I don’t know what you are referring to,” Jared replied. “Leave me alone!” He looked up to the stands again but Avery was nowhere to be seen.

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